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Honeypark Dun Laoghaire

Honeypark is a thriving community that enjoy the very best in sustainable living.

Constructed by Cosgrave’s over the last 10 years.

Honeypark is a thriving community that enjoys the very best in sustainable living. Constructed by Cosgrave’s over the last 10 years, the scheme is based on a holistic master planning design successfully employed to deliver a coherent layout and distinct placemaking with parklands and neighbourhood facilities. The overall design is based on best urban design principles including permeability, connectivity and legibility.


The scheme presents a clear hierarchy of streets with readily identifiable primary through-routes and secondary feeder routes and with a clear differentiation between the busy public spaces and the quieter semi-private cluster zones. Landscaping and parks are positioned to identify these hierarchies, to introduce spatial variety and to foster social interaction. A large park/lake is located along the primary routes, gather Honeypark residents as well as attracting people from the greater Dún Laoghaire area and further afield; while the smaller parks in the quieter zones are generally used by the immediate residents. Pedestrian and cycle connections to the development through various locations provide links which benefit the wider community.


Dwelling sizes range generally from one and two bedroom apartments to three, four and five bedroom houses. While delivering a wide choice of accommodation size and budget to serve the needs of all ages and stages of life. These varying sizes offer an improved housing choice in the general Dún Laoghaire area and will in the long-term support a sustainable and diverse community. Robust energy efficient technologies and construction benefit all users and occupants by way of low running costs. The lake feature in Honeypark and surrounding areas was a collaborative exercise with the Curlew Trust to create a better habitat for native plants and wildlife and enhance biodiversity. The nature trails throughout the development have a number of distinct information points about the surrounding flora and fauna to encourage the educational dimension. Hundreds of existing mature trees were retained throughout.


Cosgrave's Residential Developments


Honeypark, Glenageary Road, Dun Laoghaire

Completion Date

Completed December 2018

Services Provided

Masterplanning, Planning, Post Planning, Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier

Unit Quantity + Mix

659 Apts* & 238 Houses, Park Point-2750sq.m

Density (Hectare)

64.7 Unit/Hectare


2-7 Storey

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